About The Artist

Through my artistic expression, primarily comprised of acrylics on canvas, I want to extend the boundaries of traditional realism into a tangible embodiment of the idiosyncrasies of the passion and charisma of the chosen subjects and activities in order to build an emotional bond with the psychological awareness of the observer.

The emotional effects of colour psychology are fundamental to my recently evolved artistic approach in creating a resonance between the observer and …canvas. The pieces boldly unite my inspiration from the vibrancy of the colours abundant within the beauty of lush tropical fauna, flora and reignite artistic nostalgia of traditional Caribbean vibrancy.

My subject matter ranges from Local, Regional and International political, religious, entertainment and educational icons, to scenes of Caribbean sports and past times like playing marbles, West Indies Cricket to still life and landscape depictions.

Prints of selected¬†paintings are available in the following sizes: 24″ x 30″ 32″ x 40″ and 36″ x 48″If you are interested in purchasing prints or would like to have more information, please email calvert.jones@mcallisterdesignssvg.com or calvert@tropicalrealism.com or contact directly at 784-494-4556 or 784-493-4556

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